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Why Youth Mental Health Care School-Based with Primary Care Liaison – WhySchool


Only 10–15% of mentally ill children and adolescents worldwide receive help from Mental Health (MH) services (WHO 2005). The Why Youth Mental Health Care School-Based with Primary Care Liaison (WhySchool) project aims to develop a MH pathways-to-care for youth according to a stepped care approach starting at school until hospital care, through empowering professionals in public schools. This will be achieved mainly through credited training programmes on MH and delivery of information materials, including an e-learning platform. At a community level, WhySchool will enhance accessibility and equality in MH; while at an individual level, it will provide integrated support for youth in need. Outcome variables include a lower number of unattended MH situations in youth and increased MH literacy among teachers.

Norwegian experts will provide formal support throughout WhySchool, opening an opportunity for developing collaborations between public health and educational services in both countries.

1. reduce suicide potential years of life lost (PYLL)
2. empower PC and meet training needs of PCPs through guidelines and standard materials
3. promote chronic disease model of integrated depression management in primary care
4. promote good practises in the establishment of liaison collaborative programmes between specialised mental health care such as community mental health teams (CMHT) and PC at loco-­‐regional level
5. priorise the youth and elderly needs
6. foster monitoring evaluation and the regular use of indicators